IOL 2018 in Prague is jointly organized by Czech Linguistics Olympiad, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University with the support of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Local organizing committee:

Vojtěch Diatka (, chair of local organizing committee

Michal Láznička (Faculty of Arts, Charles University)

Eva Lehečková (Faculty of Arts, CU); Markéta Lopatková (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CU); Michala Lvová; Hana Kalábová (Faculty of Arts, CU); Anna Kotěšovcová (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CU); Jan Bičovský (Faculty of Arts, CU); Jan Hajič (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CU); Vojtěch Janda (Faculty of Arts, CU),

Czech Linguistics Olympiad

Czech Linguistics Olympiad was started in 2012 by a group of language enthusiasts, students of Charles University. Starting with only a dozen of participants in its first year, it has been growing since and has established itself as one of the major high school events in the country with around 1600 contestants from almost 100 high schools all over Czechia. The Czech team has also been a regular participant at IOL since 2012. The students have proven very well prepared and Czechia has quickly found its way among regular medalists.


Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

Linguistics is offered at two faculties at Charles University and is among the highest ranked fields at the university. Students and researchers interested in computational linguistics, natural language processing, and related fields are welcome at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Linguists interested in the cognitive and social underpinnings of language have a unique opportunity to combine such theoretical questions with the wealth of languages taught at the faculty. Both faculties have supported CLO from its humble beginnings and have helped the competition to grow and thrive.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is a major Czech university focused on agricultural and environmental education and research. Established in 1906, it is one of the oldest technical universities in the country. CULS has kindly offered its campus for IOL 2018 in Prague.



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