Early Bird registration: Jan 12 – Jan 31, 2018

We encourage all the teams to register as early as possible to facilitate the organization.
Therefore, the teams who register in this period will get a discount of 10 to 20%.

Preregistration form is to be found here .

Deposits for the teams with Early Bird registration: Feb 1, 2018 – Feb 15, 2018

The teams with Early Bird registration will have to pay a small deposit which amounts to 30% of the total sum. This will help us to ensure the lowest registration fees possible. All fees related to the bank transfer are paid by the sender. This deposit is not refundable.

Standard registration: Feb 1 – Apr 30, 2018

Teams registered during this period will pay the total fee.
Note: later registrations and payments are possible, but not guaranteed and the prices may be higher.

Payment for the teams with Standard registration: Feb 1, 2018 – Apr 30, 2018

The dealine for payment of standard registration fee and of the remaining amount of early bird registration fee by bank is April 30, 2018. All fees related to the bank transfer are paid by the sender.


The Organizing committee defines the following fees and discounts in CZK for accredited teams:

Category First team
Second team
Total fee 31 200 70 200
Discount for previous hosts (10%) 28 080 63 180
Discount for Early Bird registration (10%) 28 080 63 180
Discount for Early Bird registration of previous hosts (20%) 24 960 56 160

The registration fees include:
– accomodation for 5 people (a team of four + a team leader) for 6 nights (arrival on July 25th, departure on July 31th);
– three meals per day for 6 days (starting with dinner on July 25th and ending with breakfast on July 31th);
– participation in both competitions;
– participation in the social activities, except some extra activities where additional fees may apply.

Payment details

Payment of registration fee is possible by bank transfer to the following Charles University account or by card.

Payee address:

Univerzita Karlova
Filozofická fakulta
náměstí Jana Palacha 2
116 38 Praha 1

Account information:

Bank address: Komerční banka, Celetná 567/30, Praha 1
Account number: 85631011/0100
IBAN: CZ9601000000000085631011

Message for recipient: please include 1) the number 850416 (IOL reference number for the purposes of CU accounting), 2) your or your organization’s name, 3) the country and payment reference number which will be provided after your registration.

Payment by card:

If you wish to pay by card, please contact us and we will provide the link to the payment gateway and a reference number for you.

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