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Members of our volunteer team will be always around to provide information, address any issues you might come across, or just engage in friendly chat. You will recognize volunteers and organizers by their navy blue T-shirts. We have also arranged a WhatsApp group where you can talk to us directly. You can also contact Vojta (+420 606 361 716) or Michal (+420 731 414 997) in case of urgent matters or Michala (+420 606 905 518) in matters regarding the accommodation.

Prague is a very safe city. But it’s a magnet for tourists and, unfortunately, also tourist traps. We want to ask you to be especially careful when exchanging money. The exchange rate should be approximately 25 CZK for 1 EUR or 22 CZK for 1 USD. Ask about exchange fee first – some exchange offices may try to overcharge. There are ATMs at the venue, so you don’t really need to worry about money exchange.

If you’re interested, you can find more about the dos and don’ts of Prague in Honest Guide, a highly recommended, informal video guide of Prague.

1 venue and accommodation

We have arranged for a bus to go back and forth from the airport to the venue on Wednesday (on the 25th). Our volunteers will be at the airport to pick you up. It is not a problem for us to pick up those of you arriving outside the pre-arranged transport or those arriving by bus or train, but do let us know beforehand. If someone is free, we will meet you there and take you to the venue.

Anyone traveling on their own using public transport can just google the route or follow our instructions below. The Prague public transport system is fairly easy to navigate. Tickets may be bought from ticket machines (the airport, the bus station Florenc and the train station should all be equipped with machines accepting both cash and cards). One ticket is CZK 32 and is valid for all forms of transport for 90 minutes, just make sure to validate the ticket after getting on a tram or a bus, or before entering the metro. Here’s some more useful information:

Getting to the venue from the airport:

  1. take the bus 119 from the airport to the metro station Nádraží Veleslavín
  2. change to the metro (line A, green, direction Skalka/Nádraží Hostivař)
  3. get off at the second stop, Dejvická
  4. change to the bus 107 or  147 (direction Suchdol) to get off at the stop Zemědělská univerzita (about a 10 min ride)

Getting to the venue from Florenc (bus station):

  1. take the metro (line B, yellow, direction Zličín)
  2. get off at the second stop, Můstek
  3. change to line A (green, direction Nemocnice Motol)
  4. get off at Dejvická
  5. change to the bus 107 (direction Suchdol) to get off at the stop Zemědělská univerzita (about a 10 min ride)

Getting to the venue from Hlavní nádraží (train station):

  1. take the metro (line C, red, direction Háje)
  2. get off at the first stop, Muzeum
  3. change to line A (green, direction Nemocnice Motol)
  4. get off at Dejvická
  5. change to the bus 107 (direction Suchdol) to get off at the stop Zemědělská univerzita (about a 10 min ride)

You will receive a special accommodation form upon your arrival, we will ask those of you going from the airport to the campus with our pre-arranged bus to fill the form on your way to the venue. Your room will be located in one of the dormitory’s buildings (all of which are in one general area). Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to obtain ensuite rooms for everyone: some of the rooms have shared bathrooms on the floor. Bedding and towels will be provided.

After you hand in the filled form at the reception and receive your key, one of our volunteers will guide you to the house where your room is located. (You may wonder why you had to fill the same information before in the application form. It speeds up the check-in process so the keys will be ready for you upon arrival.)

Upon you final departure, just leave the key at the reception to check out.

There is a sports center with a swimming pool, a beach volleyball court, and much more. The sports center should be open and you are free to try it out but you will be charged. You will find more information on their website which is unfortunately only in Czech, but the staff speak English.

2 Parking

Those of you who will arrive by car or private coach can park at the campus. #<vložit odkaz na nebo Google mapy s označením parkoviště a vjezdu do areálu>

Registration will take place at the Canteen building on Thursday (the 26th), badges will be distributed upon arrival, because you will need to wear them at the canteen.

3 Food

Meals will be provided starting with dinner on the 25th and ending with breakfast on the 31st.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the schedule, all meals are served at the canteen (Menza). We won’t be the only hungry group on campus, so please keep in mind that you need to wear your badge in order to be served.

There will be a selection of soups and main courses, one vegetarian, both for lunch and dinner. Please note that if you require halal meals you need to opt for vegetarian, as meals with beef, poultry, or fish do not contain pork, but the meat is not halal certified. Gluten, lactose, and other common allergens are always clearly indicated. The lunch and dinner menu includes soup, main course, salad, and dessert.

For the day of the excursion, July 28, lunch will be served in Kutná Hora and a packed dinner will be provided when we return to the campus.

Some of the rooms (dormitory JIH) are equipped with a kitchenette with electric stoves, feel free to use these, if you wish. Dormitories BCD and A have a small kitchen with a microwave, electric hot plate and a kettle on each floor that can be used for free. All dormitories have a laundry room with washing machines. You can get the key at the reception, the charge is CZK 25 for two hours.

There are also vending machines, cafes, and shops scattered on and around campus.

4 wi-fi

Use the following information to connect to Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi name: CZU-guest

After connecting to the Wi-Fi, open a browser and use this credentials to log in:

Username: Olymp2018

Password: Olymp2018

5 Excursion

On the day of the excursion, we will meet after breakfast at 8.00 am at the parking lot. Kutná Hora is a small historical town 70 km east of prague. Thanks to a vast deposit of silver ore, the town held a great significance for most of the the middle ages. As a consequence, many important buildings of high architectural value were built in Kutna Hora and the town is one of the places in Czechia on the UNESCO world heritage list.

You will split in three groups and each group will be identified by a color wristband which will be distributed at the buses and will travel together. You will visit three different sites during the day and all of us will meet for lunch. Our return to the CULS campus is scheduled at 19.30 and you will get your packed dinners after that.

6 Farewell party

There will be a farewell party with food and live music on the last evening. There will be buses  at the parking lot to drive us to the venue of the party ( The venue is located right in the city center and we did not arrange transport back to the campus, because we imagine that many of you might want to spend some time downtown. However, those wishing to return back to the campus may organize smaller groups and our volunteers will be there to accompany you via public transport should you need that.

We will serve traditional Czech food, soft drinks and beer. We have bought certain amount of beers and juices – after we run out of this prepaid drinks, it will be possible to buy additional drinks, so you might want to consider bringing some cash as cards aren’t accepted at this place. Beer is meant for anyone over 18 years. Bartenders in Czechia sometimes check ID’s in case they aren’t sure if a customer is over 18 or not. However, they don’t always do so. Therefore, we ask team leaders to clarify this with their team members.

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